Top 5 Tasty Foods in The World

Top 5 Tasty Foods in The World!

It is a true fact that people all around the world loves to eat delicious food. No man on earth ever gets themselves into a place where they say “I don’t like the food at all”, it’s always been about either I like this or I like that and sometimes in between, if the food is very confusing regarding the ingredients.

In this world you find so many different cultures, festivals, traditions and lifestyles, where only one thing is similar and that is the ingredient in the food. No matter which part of the world you live, you will always find yourself gravitating towards the smell of the food.

Therefore, if you are one of those foody people who likes eating, exploring new cuisines or just like posting pictures of your favourite food on Instagram, then engage yourself in this top 5 list of tasty foods in the world:

Top 5 Tasty Foods in The World

1) White Pizza: Old Forge Pizza (Pennsylvania, USA)

Whenever we think about Pizza, we always think about Italy is the place that must be having the greatest and the bestest Pizza in the world. But there is one place, known as Pennsylvania, which makes mouth watering and smoothest White Pizza in the world.

Unlike regular pizza, this pizza has a double crust that is way lighter than a regular one and the cheese filling is divine. In this pizza the top layer is covered with herbs and sometimes onions. If you are not a big fan of cheese, then you can choose any other fillings according to your likings.

2)  Poke (Hawaii, USA)

Poke is a Hawaiian dish that became popular in the 1970s. The People of Hawaii celebrates a three-day “I Love Poke” festival inorder to try Poke’s many variants in the market. This dish is made from a raw Yellowfin Tuna fish, that gets served with Hawaiian salt, seaweed and ground kukui nut meat. The main ingredients in this dish are soy sauce, sea salt, sesame oil, chilli pepper, Limu seaweed and Inamona.

The texture of the fish is very smooth and tender, so if you like eating fish in general, then you definitely need to try this dish out once in your lifetime.

3) Panang Curry (Thailand)

Panang Curry is a peanut flavoured thick and creamy coconut based red Thai curry. This dish is typically made from a meat cut into a thin slice, with some kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, palm sugar, coconut milk and Panang curry paste. In this dish the level of spiciness can be depended on the chef whose making it or the person whose eating it.

4) Sushi:

One of the high on demand dishes in the world has to be Sushi, no matter where you live you must have heard about Sushi at some point of time. Sushi is a pretty famous dish of Japan, where the main Ingredient vinegared rice is combined with seafood and other vegetables to give that rich and smooth texture to the dish.

5) Gujarati Thali (State of Gujarat, India)

Gujarat is known for its spiciness, sweetness and different flavours wandering around the whole state. One such famous dish in this state is, The Gujarati Thali, where you would find ten different sorts of small bowls containing delicious vegetables and curries. This dish is presented on a large, circular tin plate with all sorts of sweet to spicy curries, lentils, vegetables, salad and desert. These ten dishes are either served with fresh chappatis or rice that gets delivered to you throughout the meal. Also the best part of eating a Gujarati Thali is that you don’t have to wait for ordering another plate, the waitstaff over there always walks around the restaurant scooping more vegetarian curries in your bowl.

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