top 10 delicious foods in the world!

Top 10 Delicious Foods In The World!

Human beings love all sorts of new things and when it comes to trying out new cuisines then it is unstoppable. Where you have tasty pizza on one table, you also have a mouth watering zinger burger on the other. The options are uncountable and unlimited to choose from.

So, if you are one of those foodie people who loves experimenting and trying out new recipes and foods, then check out this article consisting of the top 10 foods in the world.

top 10 delicious foods in the world!

1. Neapolitan pizza, Italy:

Pizza is like everyone’s favourite food item to eat. It is a perfect food that a person cannot ignore to have even when he/she is full on the tummy. Whether you’re an extravaganza fan or a barbecue chicken fan, the Neapolitan’s Naples style pizza is the one that will blow up your mind. Made with ingredients like tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, you have a pizza worth a penny.

2. Chocolate, Mexico:

Is there anyone out there who is not a lover of creamy and tempting chocolate? Because I think chocolate is a perfect combination of richness and sweetness blend in one recipe to give their lovers a dreamy time of their life. So, if you’re a chocolate lover and want to try out some different rich chocolate flavour, then plan a visit to Mexico because it’s pretty sure you won’t regret it. 

3. Sushi, Japan:

Japan and sushi is like a perfect blend of everything good and nice in one place. While you get a great taste of sushi, you also get to see the Japan’s crazy inventions and healthy lifestyle. Plus, if you’re a person who likes eating everything healthy then Japan will be a good option for your next trip because not only sushi but you also get a lot of healthy food items to eat.

4. Hamburger, Germany:

Hamburger may not be a good option for the person who is looking for the best healthy foods to eat, but sure it is a good option for a cheat while you’re on your diet. Plus when something is so good that people literally spend over $20 billion each year in a single chain restaurant that is completely based on hamburger then you have to believe how good of a taste this Hamburger must consist of.

5. Tom yum goong, Thailand:

The name itself says it all about how yum of a Tom yum goong must be at tasting in Thailand. Cooked with tasty shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, you get a dish that is served hot and will not break a bank while ordering.  

6. Chicken muamba, Gabon:

If you love eating chicken, then try out the Gabonese version of preparing a perfect recipe of literal goals. This recipe is prepared using hot chili, tomato, garlic, pepper, okra and palm butter, salt and African butter that is ready to mix well in a dish to give your heart and taste bud a hearty desire. 

7. Piri-Piri chicken, Mozambique:

Piri-Piri is something that has generated a joy of new taste in the lives of human beings. It was not that long ago when piri-piri popped in everyone’s life and become such a favourite ingredient. Plus, if that ingredient is used in chicken then it is like a deliciously perfection. So, if you want to enjoy the real taste of Piri-Piri chicken then head to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique for that delicious and yummy taste.

8. Pierogi, Poland:

This delicious parcel of Polish dumpling is a perfect example of trying out new combinations in one dish. In this dish a chef can choose from everything and anything like mashed potato to mushrooms to sauerkraut to cheese to meat and to even healthy fruits. You just have to make a choice and be ready to eat the deliciousness.

9. Croissant, France:

Buttery and flaky pastry made from yeast leavened dough and butter is a common continental breakfast in France. By just getting a first bite of it, you can feel the soft buttery nature of the Croissant melting in your mouth like a pure knob of butter.

10. Lasagna, Italy:

From best street food in the world to top 10 best foods in the world, Lasagna is a type of flat, wide pasta that will never fail to disappoint their first time tryers. It is layered with stuffings like cheese, vegetables, meats and infusion of tomato sauces. If you love eating pasta or pizza then give lasagne also a try as this dish comes from Italy and will surely be a lovely delight to your heart. 

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