Best Street Food From Around The World!

Best Street Food From Around The World!

Street foods are everyone’s favourite food. From spicy momos to extra delicious burgers, street foods are the one that instantly catches your eyes. You simply walk through that area and you can smell all sorts of different delicacy and mouth watering food of joy. But, in this world where you think your local street food is the best, wait till you find the best street foods around the world. From affordable morning breakfast to tasty evening bites, here’s a list of the best street food in the world ready to give your appetite a roller coaster ride.

 Best Street Food From Around The World!

Ceviche, Peru:

What is declared as Peru’s national heritage is a dish worth your time and tummy. With the main ingredient as raw fish marinated in lime juice, salt and chili you have a dish ready to create memories. So, whenever you plan your trip to Peru, there is one item of the dish that you can have to get that different taste and change of flavour in your regular diet.

Churros, Spain:

Another tasty food in the category of the best street food in the world is this sweet and crunchy deep fried sticks of dough called churros. The main ingredient of this street food is flour and it is eaten plain or sometimes rolled in cinnamon sugar or dipped in everyone’s favourite hot chocolate. 

Bakso, Indonesia:

Bakso is one of the tastiest food in the world. It is Indonesia’s beloved street food. The main ingredients of Bakso are ground beef, tapioca, noodle, rice vermicelli, beef broth, kailan,celery, salted vegies and fried shallots.

Panipuri, India:

India is a land of exotic foods and spicy meals. Whether you like sweet pani puri or spicy pani puri, it is a dish that will give an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Made with just flour, spiced water, onions, potatoes and chickpeas, you get a street food worth a shot in your whole lifetime.

So, now that you know the best street food in the world, what are you waiting for, book your tickets and pack your bag to these locations to try out the best of the best street foods in town.

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